Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas 2014

Before our trip to Gainesville for Riley's open heart surgery, we were not sure how Christmas was going to turn out, but everything went very well.  We did all of our shopping online except for stocking stuffers, and everything was delivered the week before Christmas.  We made the joke that we were going to have an Amazon themed Christmas, and Riley seemed okay with that idea!

I forgot to get a picture of the tree with all of the Amazon boxes, but these give a pretty good idea of how it looked.

This was the tree after everything was wrapped and back in place.

Riley was fascinated with the blue bows on some of the packages and only the blue ones.  Every time we turned around she had pulled a blue bow off and was playing with it. We ended up opening the grown-up gifts after she went to bed the night before Christmas Eve because we were worn out from telling her "no!"  Everyone got exactly what they asked for, and it was a fun evening.

On Christmas Eve, we went to my parents' house for dinner and gift exchanges.  My mom put all of Riley's presents in gift bags instead of wrapping them, so it was just hand Riley a bag and watch her pull stuff out of it.  Little did we know she was formulating a plan while sitting on daddy's lap and watching everyone else open gifts.

When we got home, the plan was to get her ready for bed and then have her open her presents Christmas morning.  Well, at least that was our plan.  Within 5 minutes of being home, she had started pulling gifts out from under the tree and was ripping them open.  She had a grand time, and as with most toddlers, she was more interested in the paper and boxes that what was inside them.


She got her own tablet and laptop, a play and learn puppy, and a puzzle/activity box with abacus style topper.  Her favorite new toy by far was the singing teapot and cup set that daddy got for her.  While I was taking pictures and video, she hosted a 20 minute tea party with daddy.

When it came time for bed (90 minutes later than normal) the teapot had to go to bed with her.  Any time we tried to put it up she would start crying, and the only way to calm her down was to give it back to her.  Now, a week and a half later it is still her favorite toy, but she is willing to spend a little time with other toys. 

On Christmas day we had a lazy day, playing with toys, and enjoying having the whole family at home.  I baked some sour cream cookies, and we nibbled on cheese, cheese balls, crackers, and a shrimp platter throughout the day.  

After everything that our little warrior princess has been through in the last 18 months, it amazes me that she is such a happy little girl.  She amazes me every day (even when she's driving me crazy with her "terrible two's" behavior.  Yep, she's 18 months old and fully into the behavior of "terrible two's."  It is our hope that since she started early, maybe she will stop early too.  

Anyway, I hope that you had a wonderful holiday as well.

Until next time.