Saturday, February 28, 2015

Our little button pusher…

Yesterday morning, I noticed that the light on the Xbox 360’s power button was lit up.  This normally means that Riley gave into the temptation to push the button when nobody was looking (an almost daily occurrence).  However, when I turned the television on and switched the input over to see the Xbox display, I was shocked to find that she had done a little more than that!

Apparently she had not pushed the button on the Xbox itself, but had gotten her hands on one of the controllers, pressed the center button which remotely turns the machine on, and pressed  enough buttons in the right sequence so that she had landed on the character creation screen for Diablo III… all without even seeing the screen mind you!

We are in so much trouble when she gets older I think!  It is already a difficult job to keep her from grabbing phones, tablets, computers, console controllers, and well anything electronic.  I can only imagine how our nerd girl is going to be when she gets old enough to actually play video games or have her own tablet!

Knowing that we are a house full of nerds, I have no doubt that she will be a nerd girl when she grows up.  And I just want to say to my son, (her 20 year old big brother) that it’s all his fault because while I was still pregnant with her, he made the prediction that she was going to be a “hot nerd girl” who would fuel the fantasies of every nerd and geek she crossed paths with.  So I don’t want to hear it when the time comes for her to start dating and you feel the need to protect her from all the evil boys out there!  You wished it on yourself! Smile  I love my family!